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"Our second annual list of 30 actors on the verge of career breakthroughs."

A Delicate Ship

The New York Times (Critics' Pick)

"Mr. Dellapina is equally fine... his Sam senses a real rival, and we see his own buried insecurities beginning to gape, and his aggression emerging... it's impossible to imagine a cast better able to infuse Ms. Ziegler's story of love, pain and loss with more natural poetry, or more piercing honesty." - Charles Isherwood

Time Out NY (Critics' Pick)

"Matt Dellapina, weedy with a dash of mensch." - Sandy MacDonald

NY Daily News

"Under Margot Bordelon's assured direction, the cast never makes a false move." - Joe Dziemianowicz

American Theater Web

"Matt Dellapina brings nuance to his turn as the philosophy-spewing, guitar-playing Sam. The actor marvelously brings the character's insecurities about himself and his relationship into focus, making this seeming nonchalant milquetoast fascinatingly complex." - Andy Propst


The New York Times (Critics' Pick)

"Adam Knight, the director, draws out some striking performances..." - Neil Genzlinger

Garden State Journal

"Dellapina, one of the most prolific and versatile actors on the New York stage, brings intense focus to Howard..." - Doug Strassler

New York Theatre Review

"Matt Dellapina is the hilarious, high-strung son... finds a wonderful balance in Howard's constant state of panic and self-loathing." - Aurin Squire

Too Much Sun

The New York Times (Critics' Pick)

"The entire cast is more than credible as these people in combustible proximity." - Ben Brantley

Time Out NY (Critics' Pick)

"Silver stirs in an unhappy assistant (Matt Dellapina) to Audrey's odious agent for extra laughs." - David Cote


"Under Brokaw's helming, Dellapina seems pretty comfortable playing that ridiculous would-be rabbi..." - Marilyn Stasio

The Tutors

The New York Times

"Mr. Dellapina renders his character's laid-back sexual magnetism convincingly. He also keeps us guessing about Joe's slippery morals..." - Charles Isherwood

NY Daily News

"The cast is top-to-bottom terrific." - Joe Dziemianowicz

Talkin' Broadway

"Dellapina's easygoing affability, bearing just a few darkly unpredicatable edges, blends beautifully with Nobbs' nervous, oddly innocent neuroticism... Nobbs & Dellapina make an unbeatable combination." - Matthew Murray

The Steadfast

The New York Times

"Matt Dellapina does fine work in multiple parts." - Jason Zinoman

NYC Stage Review

"The cast is uniformly splendid... Matt Dellapina most especially as Pete, the Vietnam refuser." - Beatrice Williams-Rude

Outside People

Feature in TDF Stages Magazine

"Dellapina has been making a name for himself with such acclaimed downtown troupes as the Civilians and Waterwell... At the same time, however, he has found success with straightforward pieces." - Eric Grode

The New York Times

"Malcolm, a New Jersey Native played with nebbishy charm by Matthew Dellapina... His search for an anchor in a new world rings achingly true." - Charles Isherwood


"Matt Dellapina does a fine job of translating Dohrn's nuanced writing to the stage." - Roma Torre

Paper Magazine

"The acting is top-notch... Matt Dellapina was really great.  He really nailed that Woody Allen, fish-out-of-water, 'Midnight In Beijing' thing." - AndrewAndrew

Curtain Up

"Matt Dellapina gives a winning performance as the nerdy American who's at sea whether at home and abroad, in or out of love." - Elyse Sommer

Financial Times

"Malcolm, given an appropriately cringe-making nervousness by Matt Dellapina..." - Brendan Lemon

The Dream Of The Burning Boy

Feature in Paper Magazine

"Providing most of the laughs as an endearingly clueless guidance counselor named Steve..." - Whitney Spaner

The New York Times (Critics' Pick)

"...the target of the aggresive sympathy of the school's guidance counselor, Steve (an amusingly tone-deaf Matt Dellapina)." - Charles Isherwood

Huffington Post

"...played very well by Matt Dellapina." - Michael Giltz

Associated Press

"Matt Dellapina provides welcome comic relief as Steve, an earnest, persistant, slightly puppyish young guidance counselor." - Jennifer Farrar

In The Footprint

The New York Times
"As Ken Fisher, a longstanding Brooklyn councilman, Matthew Dellapina delivers one of Mr. Friedman's funniest songs." - Charles Isherwood


The New York Times 
“Acted with a diamond-cutter’s precision.” – Ben Brantley

“Kudos to Dellapina.” – Sam Thielman

The Village Voice
“Ken Rus Schmoll's incisive direction—and first-rate cast—creates a powerful sense of urgency for all these would-be communicators.” – Tom Sellar

This Beautiful City

The Washington Post
“Matthew Dellapina provides crackling portraits of a local muckraker and the irate father of a Jewish Air Force Academy cadet.” – Peter Marks

The 13th of Paris

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“We can also thank the actors, especially Matthew Dellapina… Smart's dialogue for Vincent has a convincingly contemporary sound, including telling repetitions, all of which Dellapina makes completely natural.” – Christopher Rawlson

(I Am) Nobody’s Lunch

The British Theatre Guide
“Matt Dellapina provided the only (non-laughter-induced) tear of the evening with his song of Schrodinger's Cat, a song of love out of focus and cats in the fog” – Louise Hill

Charles Isherwood's rave in The New York Times

Feature in The New York Times

Like I Say

Theater Mania
“Matthew Dellapina, who has a charm akin to that which has made Tom Hanks a star, holds nothing back as the put-upon coconut tradesman.” – David Finkle

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